My name is Alla. It’s been 15 years since I started creating photographs.I started taking pictures at the age of 16 it’s been a long journey of overcoming and becoming. After high school I was admitted to college “ Art of Photography” where I spent 3 years of learning basics and depth of photography. Following college I was offered my first job at a photography agency where we partnered with large corporations and shot content for commercials and their web pages. 

After working there for couple years I realized that I wanted to work with simply people, capturing their weddings, celebrations as well as help other artists capture their art work. That’s how I started working with some designers where I photographed their jewelry, got a chance to work with chefs and tenor beautiful work in the kitchen, and of course many many weddings as I was 21 at that time and in love myself.


When Mia was born I realized that child photography is something that I wanted to pursue next. I took pictures of my daughter daily it was never ending inspiration. As she grew older I realized how fast time flies and how precious moments in life are because they are small for such a short time. At the same time many families who’s weddings I photographed started to reach out regarding now their children and their families started to grow. This is how I became a primary family photographer for so many families.


In 2018 when me my husband Alex and our daughter Mia moved to United States, Seattle became our new home. We started our life here from scratch, it’s been a wonderful journey. Our second child was born, Max. I was a nanny for sometimes because all of my clients I left back home in Russia. Even though I was a nanny at the moment my passion and love for photography never died out. I started making friends out of strangers on a street and offering them to take pictures of them and their loved ones for free. That is how I started building my relationships with my clients here in greater Seattle area.


It’s 2023 now and through my dear friends referrals and Instagram followers I have the privilege to capture moments of many beautiful families, memories they will be able to look back on for 20-30 years.

I am so happy and honored I have a career as a photographer. I’m on a mission to save moments in life and to pass on through pictures form generation to generation.


If you looking for someone who would help you to capture those moments when you playing with your kids, or maybe hugging on your loved ones, walking in a park of your favorite neighborhood with your family and your pet, laughing and sometimes crying I would be so honored to be that someone for you and your family.


Best regards, Alla